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About Stangle Research

   Our mission is to provide our individual and commercial clients information regarding real estate surface and mineral ownership, tax information, lien information, document retrievals and recording services. We do this by simplifying the process, providing quality information the first time, adjusting to each client’s specific requirements and using technology to both our advantage and the client’s advantage.


   Stangle research goes the extra mile to give you everything you need to complete your work, saving you time and costs, ultimately generating the maximum revenue for you and your client. With our past experience, we know what information is necessary for you to complete your examinations, title information and document preparation. Again, we tailor our work to each of our client’s specific requirements. Stangle Research listens and strives to exceed your expectations.


Our friendly staff is available by email, cell phone, office phone, fax.


Our staff has over 30 years experience in real estate records research. Resumes are available upon request.


Phone: 218-464-7784

Fax: 218-845-0286


Coverage Area



St. Louis County

Douglas County

Carlton County  

Lake County

Pine County  
Aitkin County  
Mille Lacs County  
Crow Wing County  

  24 Hour Service in St. Louis, Carlton, Pine, Lake Counties, MN and Douglas County, WI.

  48 Hour Service in Aitkin, Crow Wing and Mille Lacs Counties, MN.