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Welcome to Stangle Research...

   Stangle Research is a real estate records research company providing information on real estate and mineral records in several counties in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Let our friendly, experienced and professional staff work with you in providing accurate ownership reports, document retrievals, recordings, tax information, lien information and mineral research.


Mission Statement

   Our mission is to provide our individual and commercial clients information regarding real estate surface and mineral ownership, tax information, lien information, document retrievals and recording services. We do this by simplifying the process, providing quality information the first time, adjusting to each client’s specific requirements and using technology to both our advantage and the client’s advantage.


Our friendly staff is available by email, cell phone, office phone, fax.

Phone: 218-464-7784

Fax: 218-845-0286


Our staff has over 30 years experience in real estate records research. Resumes are available upon request.


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